Cycleplaza Ikeharaˇ§Shirahama 1-4-25 Uruma City Okinawa  Tel:098-964-2120

Welcome to the Bicycle shop "Cycleplaza Ikehara" website

Welcome to Ikehara Cycling store online! Please be patient while we update all our content. We are currently reinventoring our stock and getting our new 2006 bikes in and the old bikes out! Stay tuned for major updates!

If you are new to cycling or an experienced rider, Ikehara Cycling is the place for you! Post messages on our team forum or come swing by the store. We have a great staff wo will meet your cycling needs.


My shop is located in route 329. Stay to the right and take the old 329 down until you get to the shop. The shop is located in the city Ishikawa. Some pictures of the store. Please come to the store for pricing.

Team Ikehara

Team Ikehara: tour de okinawa 2006

My shop have bicycle team. We are participating in the road racing and triathlon. Come you and join team!

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If you want contact to me, please send e-mail.